Slow Food USA: The future of food in the USA

What does “change you can taste” in our relationship with food look like? How about…

• Students of all ages learning about where wholesome food comes from through school gardens.

• People sharing their food cultures and exploring the flavors of place, celebrating and preserving these traditions.

• Communities gathering around the table to enjoy local alternatives to fast food and reconnecting to food as a source of health, well being and delight.

Together, we’ve accomplished all this and more in the pursuit of good, clean and fair food for all. And so much more is possible, with your support.

Every day in my first year as Executive Director of Slow Food USA, I’ve been amazed and inspired by you, and our local, national and international Slow Food community.

Next year is a big one for Slow Food. We will commemorate our 25th anniversary as a global community. There is much to celebrate – and much more work to do.

Please, join us as a member today. Your Slow Food membership will fund:

The launch of new programs…

• A Slow Meat program to tackle tough questions and craft solutions that promote sustainable meat production and responsible consumption.

• A “Slow Food Suppers” program to bring more local communities together to share a home-cooked meal made with seasonal and sustainably produced ingredients.

The expansion of current initiatives…

• Cultivate passion and dedication in the next generation through the Slow Food Youth Network.

• Support more U.S.A.-based Slow Food producers (known internationally as Slow Food Presidia) and strengthening local economies through food culture.

• Teach thousands more children how to grow, prepare and share fresh food – and become active participants in their food choices – through theNational School Garden program.

I know you, too, believe a better food system is possible – one that preserves our natural environment and puts local community at the center of its business model.