The 3rd Taiwan Cittaslow Alliance Conference Launched in Miaoli County – “Wandering Around Slow Sanyi” for Hakka Culture, Food, and Life

Taiwan Territorial Area Network

The Cittaslow in Taiwan will hold the 3rd Annual Cittaslow Alliance Conference on September 15-16, 2022. The 2022 Cittaslow Conference is hosted in Sanyi Township, Miaoli County, a Cittaslow member of the alliance inviting 12 Cittaslow members in Taiwan including Nanzhuang Township of Miaoli County, Yuli and Fonglin Township in Hualien County, Dongyin Township of Lienchiang County, Heping District of Taichung, Gukeng Township of Yunlin County, Dalin Township of Chiayi County, Majia and Zhutian Township in Pungtung County, Luye and Chishang Township in Taitung. Shout out to a forum for “Wandering Around Slow Sanyi” at West Lake Resortopia in Sanyi Township, aiming to exchange the development and situation of global recognized slow cities in Taiwan. In addition, conference arranged a bike trip to Old Mountain Line Rail and the Wood Sculpture Museum one day tour on the second day introducing the local culture and history of Sanyi Township to all committee.

The International Cittaslow Alliance is established in Italy’s “Slow City Movements” aimed at three main purposes: local produce, ecological environment, sustainable development, and fair trade to increase the quality of life and implement slow life, slow food, and slow travel. Currently, Cittaslow has over 287 cities members around the world. They are mainly advocating the local developments on localized tourism and give attention on food chain from farmlands to the tables. Cittaslow is taking actions to confront the rapid global chain business and has been recognized by multiple major international cities. Including Fonglin Township of Hualien County, Dalin Township of Chiayi County, Nanzhuang and Sanyi townships of Miaoli County are the four slow Taiwanese cities won the recognition for International Cittaslow Cities. In 2017, the four townships established “The Cittaslow Alliance in Taiwan”, promoted livable urban life based on “Slow City Movements”, and assisted each county to find its own culture values.

People nowadays live in a hectic pace which has made traveling become one of the most popular choices during holidays. The practice of in-depth traveling to experience local culture has not only relieved the pressure from daily life but also slowed down the speed of people’s lives. Therefore, Cittaslow has caught the attention for individuals who prefer to have a slow-paced travel in a city as well as experience the traditional culture.

Both Sanyi and Nanzhuang townships in Miaoli County are recognized as Cittaslow accreditation. Making Miaoli become the first county where wins two accredited Cittaslow. The mayor of Sanyi township, Mr. Ming-Zhong Lu said that the residents of Sanyi township is mainly consisted of Hakka origin, which has made Sanyi be known for abundant culture heritage and rich local resources. Comprising pure natural environment, great hospitality, unique local culture, and healthy traditional food, etc. are the main reasons why Sanyi is certified internationally as a Cittaslow.

The 3rd Cittaslow Alliance Conference committed to making Cittaslow members of the alliance experience traditional culture in Sanyi. They especially arranged a biking trip to the one hundred years Old Mountain Line Rail. Witness the magnificence of the Longteng Bridge and Yutengping Bridge. Guiding members to feel the beauty of “Wandering Around Slow Sanyi.”