Korean Professor Experiences Dual Cittaslow and Acclaims the Progress with Passion

Taiwan Territorial Area Network

On November 28, Miaoli County invited Professor Sun to give a lecture on "Ten-Year Experience of Korea Cittaslow and Global Cittaslow Development in Recent Years" to the representatives from industries, government, and universities. Also, he made a tour of Nangzhuang Township to experience Saisiyat dancing in Gagaou’an (Saisiyat Tribe), as well as, the Hakka Lei cha (pounded tea) and Tung Blossom Windmills in Nanjiang Leisure Agriculture Area. He then visited many sites and attractions such as Penglai River Ecology Park, Shisanjian Old Street in Guihua Lane , Sanyi Wood Sculpture Museum, Shengxing Station, Longteng Bridge.

Through the cultural exchange and experience, Professor Sun found the most unique and attractive resource of Nanzhuang Township to be the natural ecology. Feeling the color and strength of the nature will attract the people in busy cities to the natural Cittaslow. With the features of special food, and traffic signs, he felt like being in his hometown.

He also suggested enhancing the mark of Cittaslow on public facilities in Nanzhuang Township, and selecting the main development industry, creating their own brand. In addition, Professor Sun visited Sanyi Township and found it to be very suitable for tourism and have very good conditions to develop Cittaslow. In particular, the restaurants create special dishes with local ingredients, snails, making it a typical Cittaslow restaurant. He also hoped that a comprehensive local center with the integration of local food, performances (sculpture) and handicrafts can be constructed in Sanyi Township for making local profit. 

Professor Sun also stressed that in the rapid economic development, people might lose soul in the over busy life. He has the confidence to publicize and promote his belief and the idea of Downshifting (live free, happy, and slow with soul) to the world. 30 countries have successfully transformed unknown Cittaslow cities to international cities through internet by glocalization. Through the Cittaslow development, people’s lives are improved with quality.

Moreover, the most profound feeling for Prof. Sun was the enthusiasm of the County Government and Township Office to promote Cittaslow. Cittaslow is not a show to the others, but a presentation of local culture, history, life style, and spirit of kindness and hospitality to the tourists and visitors.

Organizer: Planning Department Deputy Director Chan Tsai-Ping - Tel: 037-559834