NCCN (Corea): “Going Slow and Curvy”, a profound insight into Cittaslow

South Korean National Network

Going Slow and Curvy: Understanding the Philosophy of the Cittaslow Phenomenon

Paperback: 220 pages

Authors: Prof. bon sohn, Vice President of Cittaslow International /Prof. Hee-jung Jang, Director of the National Cittaslow Corea Network / Prof. Timothy Jung , Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

Publisher: Springer, Germany (May 14, 2015)

Language: English

ISBN: 978-3-319-14854-0 (eBook), 978-3-319-14853-3 (Hardcover)


Presents an introduction into the philosophy and motivation of slow city campaigns

Combines sustainable public administration and tourism

Encourages the application of the philosophy of slowness into business and management

This book introduces readers to the concepts of sustainability and philosophy of slowness for the management of public entities such as cities or regions. While many urban communities face economic challenges that clearly show the limitations of growth and ever-increasing speed, this book explores an alternative, thought-provoking standpoint in five chapters. The first chapter explains the importance and essence of slowness, smallness and sustainability for public organizations, while the second addresses the concept of "slow life" in an emotional society. Chapter three examines the issue of "slow management" and presents arguments for the value of small businesses as the true foundation of the economy. Chapter four rounds out the coverage with a focus on ecofood and agriculture. Finally, in chapter five, the authors discuss the overall benefits of a "slow and curvy" management style in order to provide happiness, economic and social sustainability comparing capitalism versus Manbonism that is also Slow Capitalism.

Keywords » Cittaslow - ecofood - Manbonism - Slow life - Slow management

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