Jeonju (COR): The Slowlife Designer program

South Korean National Network

The education program of “Slowlife Designer” was held at the Jeonju Citizen Playground building in Cittaslow Jeonju from 11the to 14th of December, and the program is composed of 20-hour lectures and 8-hour on-site visit for four days. When completing the program and passing an exam you can get the license of the “Slowlife Designer” from the Korea Research Institute for Vocational Education and Training (KRIVET) which is a national research institute affiliated with the Prime Minister's Office. 

For the on-site training as part of the program in 2017 participants visited the county of Seocheon in Corea, a Cittaslow candidate that has preserved the history and culture of Hansan Mosi (ramie fabric) for 1,500 years. A total of 23 people participated in the 2017 program, and 17 of them passed the exam and then got the licenses. It is expected that the qualified people will lead citizens to take pride in Jeonju and live a happier lifestyle in their daily life under the purposes and philosophy of Cittaslow. 

(Ph. The Slowlife Designer completion ceremony)