CCN (COR): A Visit to Cittaslow Djúpivogur, Iceland

South Korean National Network

Cittaslow Djúpivogur is a small town and municipality (Djúpavogshreppur) located on a peninsula in eastern Iceland and the first and has a population of 460. 

Cittaslow Djúpivogur located at 66 degrees north latitude far away from the European continent, Djúpivogur is only Cittaslow town in Iceland that joined the Cittaslow International in 2013. In the age of speed and competitive production Djúpivogur stresses on food authenticity, traditional crafts and urban renovation, protecting the environment along with the slowness and tranquillity in a daily life. Today the main industry is fishery with tourism increasingly rapidly in recent years. The mayor (Mr. Gauti Jóhannesson) guided us through lupine flowers that stand the fierce wind to the town and we were impressed at the mayor’s words. “People in our town have left their house unlocked when they go out and do the same when they leave their cars.” 

Cittaslow Djúpivogur has helped elementary school students understand the Cittaslow philosophy through project of exchange visit with an elementary school in Cittaslow Orvieto, Italy. 

A painting of Cittaslow drawn by an elementary student. People in Iceland are the homogeneous mixture of descendants of Norse from the Viking age and Celts 94%, so Mr. Jóhannesson is a tall and cool person as a descendant of Vikings.

Prof. Hee-jung Jang, secretary general of CCN, Mr. Gauti Jóhannesson, mayor of Djúpivogur, and Prof. bon sohn, coordinator of CCN (from the left)