Sebastopol (USA) - The Sebastopol Ped Line Walk the Walk. Take the Survey. Win $100


Sebastopol, the green artistic village right beside the Laguna de Santa Rosa, has created three color-coded, self-guided walking tours: The Sebastopol Ped Line. They are designed to help visitors find their way on foot from the Plaza to three key destinations:

This is a 6 week pilot program sponsored by Cittaslow Sebastopol and is part of their Park Once and Walk campaign to reduce traffic and air pollution while promoting community interaction.


"It's just true that people interact more and get in more conversations when they are on foot than when they are in the car," notes Cittaslow Sebastopol Co-Chair, Tasha Beauchamp. "A program that promotes walking is a great way for us to promote our 'Slow City' values of green lifestyles and warm hospitality, while also knitting the social fabric of our town."

Visitors are encouraged to "Help the Planet: Park the car and take the Ped Line." The maps can be accessed by mobile device or desktop computer from www.SebPedLine.com, along with a survey giving the city feedback about the routes.

Throughout town there are red, green and blue signs helping to direct pedestrians along the routes. As well there are arrows stenciled on the sidewalk, especially at corners lacking a pole where an arrow should be.



Survey respondents will be entered into a drawing for a $100 gift card. There are three drawings, one for each walk. Visitors are encouraged to complete a survey for each walk and receive up to three chances to win.

Ped Line surveys can be taken via mobile device, or after the walk, from a desktop computer. (You will want to take note of a merchant or office that displays the "Sebastopol is Cittaslow" decal as there is a required question asking you to mention one.)