Citizen participation


Event: August 2016, Local Citizen Join to Paint Hakka Guangsheng Street

In order to show the natural environment and ecology, local artists Zeng Shu-Min and teacher Chen Hao Yu gather Sanyi citizen to create beautiful wall paintings. There were more than 40 people participated in this activity and the ages were from 8 to 80. Members included kindergarten graduates, elders of seniors painting classes, students of Sanyi high school, retired president of elementary school, and the Mayor of Sanyi Township, Michael Xu. Mayor Xu painted a Taiwan Blue Magpie. Everybody told stories of Sanyi by colorful painting.

The wall painting binds Sanyi features. Based on San-Cha River and Danaba River, the paintings shows Leopard cats, Lilium Formosanum, Osmanthus Fragrans, and Cherry Blossm. It costs 10 days to complete the composition. Tourists can know more about Sanyi from this wall painting.

Artists Zeng Shu-Min says “people can know the culture and ecology of Sanyi through this wall painting”. The wall painting include San-Cha River and Danaba River, Alpinia Zerumbet, Lilium Formosanum, Little Egret, Black-Crowned Night Heron, Taiwan Blue Magpie, Light-Vented Bulbul, Mountain Scops Owl, Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle, Leopard Cats…etc. which are special ecology of Sanyi Township.