City Council approves the "River Contract Marecchia”

Santarcangelo di Romagna

The commissioner for environment and sustainable development Quality Pamela Fussi: "Indispensable an integrated and shared programming capable of overcoming the boundaries of individual municipalities"

The City Council approved the agreement on the "Contract of the River Marecchia" in implementing the memorandum of understanding for the development of the strategic plan and the river of Valmarecchia contract. Therefore, even the municipal administration of Santarcangelo signs an agreement that recognizes the river as a unifying element positively assessing the intent to set new strategies and programming practices and integrated and shared planning. In this sense, the targeted innovation for the management of the river Marecchia involves a strong assumption of collective responsibility that involves both the public part that the private one. Such innovation requires a collaborative approach between public and private entities as well as on the integration of the opportunities already on the ground or that can be activated from scratch.

The thematic areas and the river contract objectives are manifold: from the management and monitoring of hydrogeological and flood risk to strategic and integrated planning of the river, from the coordination of institutions that have jurisdiction over the river to the definition of ways, forms, tools to experience the river and create a functional microeconomics connected to it. But the issues addressed also concern the promotion of a daily relationship with the river, combining tourism, education, environmental restoration with the socio-economic needs of the riverine communities, the promotion of eco-system of the river and its natural level by promoting the ' increase of biodiversity, support for organic farming and "respectful" to the strengthening of the tourism offer of blue-green type "" (not a mass tourism, but tourism for the river) capable of promoting a "Slow tourism" and "family" with thematic itineraries, to discover the historical and natural authenticity, using a mobility that privileges mainly walkways and bicycle paths.

"Our membership to the river contract is more than convinced - says the commissioner for environment and sustainable development Quality Pamela Fussi - because the idea of ​​ensuring governance to the Marecchia is essential to take into account all aspects that concern him perspective of citizens sharing and participation can set the programming strategies that go beyond the boundaries of individual municipalities. In this perspective of Santarcangelo municipal administration he is already doing its part with a series of projects and initiatives that primarily promote community participation in environmental issues as well as regarding the enhancement of some sensitive sites along the Marecchia, as the lakes located in the vicinity of the former quarries are capable of promoting a slow tourism linked to wellness and sport, the extension of cycle paths linking the city center and a new relationship with the farmers so that they always take on the role of overseeing of rural areas also to promote sustainable development and the conservation of biodiversity “.