Public mural for Daniza

On May 2014, with the public mural artwork "Malala – Peace" dedicated to Women Rights, created by the acclaimed brazillian street artist Eduardo Kobra, Dorothy Circus Gallery started the social related art project "Spray 4 Your Rights", with the aim to point out the connection between the street art movement and a substainable urban development of the City of Rome, applying not only to the artistic requalification of Rome, but as well raising the awareness of the City's audience about relevant social issues.

On November 5th, 2014 the Belgian artist ROA, one of the most impressive talent of the international Contextual Mural Art, has completed the second step of the project "Spray 4 Your Rights", with the public mural artwork dedicated to the bear Daniza, made in arrangement with the City Council of Roma Capitale, on the facade of the Mercato Vittoria in Sabotino Street, in the central "Prati" district.

ROA's work refers to the bio-diversity on Earth, in particular to animals, representing the transitory of life in accordance to our overall ecosystem. Recently in Italy the bear Daniza has been killed "by mistake" as a result of the distorted relationship between the animal kingdom and the humanity. Another tragic exemple of the duality of modern human lifestyle vs Mother Earth.

The majestic ROAs mural, thru the wise use of black and white shades, shows a fragile giant baby bear, left alone after the loss of his mother, confused and unable of understanding through the only senses the cause of the dramatic episode, contained in the dart held tight in his hand.

With the useless killing of Daniza, once again, the Diversity has been the victim of mindless violence, and with The second step of "Spray 4 Your Rights" we firmly declare, through the image painted on the public mural, equal rights on this Earth to all the "diversities".
It was decided to paint out the ROA artwork on a preminent public building, The Food Market, as it represents one of the most interesting and significant place of comparison and aggregation, being a multi-ethnic and multisocial space, with multiple human activities, to which more and more is required to be sensitive to an ethical evolution and in compliance with the fragile social and environmental emergencies, in order to be considered really "sustainable" and life-friendly.
We would really like to say thank you at the Consigliere Capitolino Francesco D'Ausilio, the Assessore of Roma Produttiva Marta Leonori, the Assessore at Municipio Roma I centro Emiliano Monteverde, members of the City Council of Roma Capitale who, through their commitment and participation, made possible the realization of this second step. We would like to thank all who work, with passion and expertise along with them, to develope a more sensitive citizenry that becomes aware how Art and Beauty should be connected to the needs of a city projected toward an international level; and again thanks to all those whom, together with them, support new and innovative projects for a cutting-edge Roma Capitale, like New York, Paris, Los Angeles, London, Moscow.
Special thanks to Michael Gerace, who believed and carried the project, Dario Naim's Edilrental, Raoul Carbone director of the Museum Vigamus, and to all the supporters whom have taken this opportunity to be friendly and cooperative.
"Spray 4 Your Rights" will continue with the third step of the project, dedicated to promote Integration and Solidariety.