Pollica (IT) - Gaochun (China) at Pollica to discover Cittaslow and Mediterranean Diet


A delegation from the Cittaslow Chinese Gaochun / Yaxi has recently visited Pollica (Salerno, Italy), invited by Mayor Stefano Pisani, President of Cittaslow International, to ratify important structural collaborations. 

It was Angelo Vassallo in the 2007 the first to believe in a possible cooperation with China about the "Dieta Mediterranea", todayUNESCO heritage: he visited Gaochun and founded the first Cittaslow in that country. Last April 14 in particular, at the presence of theSecretary General Pier Giorgio Oliveti, it was defined between the Mayor of Gaochun and the President of Cittaslow Pisani, a protocol to create a center for the dissemination of Cittaslow culture in China with the patronage and supporting of Cittaslow Int'l and the Gaochun Municipality. 

In the occasion it was also signed an important agreement with theIstituto Professionale per i Servizi dell'Enogastronomia e dell'Ospitalità Alberghiera http://www.alberghierocastelnuovocilento.gov.it/ Institute Ancel Keys of Vallo della Lucania, for the spread of the Mediterranean Diet in China and for the exchange of teachers and students, interested in food, wine and culture material of Italy. 

On the occasion of Cittaslow International Assembly, scheduled June 20, 2015, in Abbiategrasso (Italy) , Gaochun has secured its presence at EXPO in the spaces of Cittaslow International Pavilion at FAO-UN KIP SCHOOL.