Cittaslow Italy Assembly at Orvieto Cittaslow HQ


Cittaslow Italy Assembly at Orvieto Cittaslow HQ Friday 20 October 2019.

Opened by the Vice Mayor of Orvieto Angelo Ranchino, the Cittaslow Italy Barbara Paron Mayor of Vigarano Mainarda and Presidente Stefano Pisani have held the assembly of the Mayors from Italian Cittaslow. Many important topics were discussed and it was planned activities and commitment for the next year, first of all the "communication" issue, the internal connection between each member towns, projects on the way, Cittaslow Academy, Cittaslow Education, Cittaslow Tourism, Cittaslow Market inclusing e-commerce, the Cittaslow int'l Assembly next 19/20 June 2020.

Architect Sergio Fortini has explained on details the new urban planning perspective for Cittaslow and their territories, called Metropoli di Paesaggio (Landscape Metropolis), based an a new vision and interconnections between alternative ways for public transportation.