Thanks to the joint project "Erasmus +" the first six Icelandic teachers are visiting until next Saturday some schools of the Comprehensive Institute ORVIETO-BASCHI, the Primary School Luigi Barzini and Secondary School Grade I, Luca Signorelli in Orvieto Centre and Primary School Erminia Frezzolini and Nursery School, in Sferracavallo village. In the aims of the project, respecting and highlighting of the culture and environment of the area, ensuring a town clean, safe and environmentally friendly for all. Crucial is to propose and realizing an active community, self-centered and more resistant micro-economies compared to some standard models that are counter-productive and damaging for the future. Pursuing positive globalization, Cittaslow share experiences and best practices, and in this the world of education is in first place of importance to influence the construction of the citizens of tomorrow. The Town of Djúpivogur, in Eastern Iceland to over 5 hours drive from the capital, it is the only member of Cittaslow in Iceland. The local school, Djúpavogsskóli, is an environmental education place, one of the focal point for the entire local community in the defense of nature, history and local culture.

The city of Orvieto is home to the headquarters of Cittaslow International. << Comprehensive School Orvieto-Baschi - explains the School Manager, Anna Rita Bellini, has always been interested in projects that focus on the discovery of the territory, making children aware of the environment and the local cultural and historical heritage. The purpose of our schools is to improve the person on the cognitive and cultural level, promote the academic success of students who support different forms of diversity, disability or disadvantage in a cozy place where respect and cooperation are a way of life >> .

The Skólastjóri Djúpavogsskóla Manager, Halldóra Dröfn Hafþórsdóttir, says: << We believe that a successful method to avoid dropout and raise the students´ environmental and social awareness, is supporting the individuals in becoming the best versions of themselves by letting them work with creative thinking followed by creative actions.

The world needs solutions and we believe that creative individual are more likely to be active residents that can better deal with the environmental issues that the preceding generations have left us with, and make sure that we leave earth in an improved state for coming generations. Environmental education and sustainable knowledge are an important part of the Cittaslow ideology, and therefore, part of the project >>. The main goal between the two school realities united by a common thread is to give the children of the various school communities (aged 4-16 years) the principles of Cittaslow and how to behave as a "citizen slow" today and tomorrow. And 'the main way to strengthen the awareness of what it means and what it could mean for the whole Cittaslow community.

So through this two-year project co-funded by the European Union in the Program Erasmus +( acronym of European Region Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students, an active since 1987 EU student mobility program), schools in Orvieto and introduce Djupivogur the ideology of Cittaslow, based on the seven categories of requirements (72 criteria) that municipalities must meet to join the network.

The sharing of experiences already in place (School orto/garden and greenhouse in cooperation with Slow Food, educational Roseto in Rocca Ripesena (A.Ge-parents association in Orvieto), Educational Rugby, From School to Wood / adopting a path (CAI-alpin club of Italy), Reading Week and School Library project, Zero Waste, etc. .), the visits of students and teachers, workshops and themed workshops on environmental and social sustainability, permanent exchanges through social media, the comparison with the quality criteria of Cittaslow, are the design points behind the establishment in place with Icelandic partner, which will derive new ideas and projects. The whole experience will be filmed in two realities, and at the end will give rise to a documentary film on the "Cittaslow schools", within the project Cittaslow Education. In late May 2017, a first group of students from Iceland will visit in Orvieto for a week, during the Rose Festival in Rocca Ripesena, " The Roses' Village".

Participating schools: