Midden-Delfland (NL) - Slow is Smart: presentation press of the Cittaslow International Assembly


Press Conference of presentation of the next Cittaslow International Assembly that will be in Midden-Delfland at the Town Hall next 21of May, 2014.

Cittaslow International, the big family of about 200 little towns in 28 countries, will have the next General Assembly in Nederland from 18 to 22 of June.

Cittaslow is carrying by itself the co-responsibility for the the planet destiny, Cittaslow is a concrete demonstration of the real possibility to save fertile soil, water, air, energy, putting in value the "local" heritage in term of the living community, cultural identity, environment and creativity, Cittaslow is an economical and environmental project of "applied resilience". "Easy living" is better in Cittaslow and to be slow means today to be smart in favour of the next generations.