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The facial cream, moisturizing and nutritious to olive oil, is an easy absorption cream suitable for young skins or with no special problems.

It contributes to maintaining the natural elasticity of the epidermis by contrasting external agents, such as cold, wind, sun, smog.

Olive oil is strongly compatible with the pH of our skin because it is rich in precious substances such as squalene, phytosterols and tocopherols.

It has an emollient and protective function for the epidermis thanks to particular fat and the presence of vitamin E.

In addition, the extracts of olive leafs rich in polyphenols and glucosides have soothing, anti-inflammatory and revitalizing properties.

Extracted apple leaves ensure toning and elasticity, helping to restore particular brightness to the skin.

Natura Naturans

A Biological Farm specializing in the production and processing of officinal herbs.
Organic herbs grown at the farm are used to produce pure essential oils, cosmetics, herbal teas, extracts, scented waters, soaps, and so on.
We cultivate plants that are easily recognizable by the scent of their leaves and flowers, such as helix, mint, absinthe, lavender, thyme, hyperum, fiordaliso, calendula. These plants, thanks to their special fragrances and the properties of phytocomplex contents, are in the preparation of creams, ointments, deodorants, and foods.
A botanical garden is being set up, where more plants will be planted, this vegetable garden will be made available for paths and educational itineraries aimed at schools and the public.
Naturans Nature is ..
A company producing bioecological cosmetics.

 We of Naturans Naturans produce functional natural cosmetics and we have always been studying plant virtues and their qualities in search of their deepest potentials, to develop their phytocosmetic characteristics to the utmost prudent and careful consumers The remedies that nature makes available to them and increasingly sensitive to environmental problems.
Naturans' bio-ecological products guarantee the protection of human health and the environment in which they live by ensuring the presence of naturally occurring natural resources produced at the company and reducing environmental impact because our products are :
100% natural, without synthetic chemicals
With extracts certified by organic farming
Without preservatives or synthetic dyes
Without aggressive foaming agents (SLS / SLES)
Dermatologically tested
Not tested on animals
Without the use of GMOs and their derivatives