Wolfville Cittaslow Sunday


Welcome to Wolfville – A Cittaslow Sunday Celebration for Students
A Cittaslow event to welcome students hosted by the Town of Wolfville September 19, from 11am – 2 pm at Robie Tufts Park
On September 19th, we are welcoming students to Wolfville, and to our Cittaslow branded community. In Wolfville, we proudly offer a cultivated experience for the body, mind and soil and we can’t wait to share this way of living and being with our new residents. Wolfville is, at its core, town and gown, urban and rural, a community that values hard work and good fun, in
perfect balance, making it a great place to learn, grow and thrive.

About the Cittaslow designation
Cittaslow Communities are rich in culture, with public spaces, theatres, workshops, cafés, restaurants, spiritual places, unspoilt landscapes, and fascinating craftspeople. Cittaslow communities value the slow, benevolent succession of the seasons that deliver abundant harvests, with respect paid to fine flavours of locally produced foods and beverages.

Cittaslow communities value holistic health, wellness, rituals, celebrations, nurturing a fascination for living traditions. Around the globe, Cittaslow communities embrace the joy that comes from fostering a slow, quiet, reflective way of life.

Wolfville is one of only two designated Cittaslow communities in Canada and on September 19th we invite students to experience a Cittaslow celebration with live music, an open mic, walking tours rich in local lore, apple tasting, guided climate walking tours, games, photo ops with Mudley the Wolfville mascot and more.

The event starts at 11am on Sunday September 19th at Robie Tufts Park and runs until 2pm.
Please feel welcome to drop by. We are happy to welcome students to Wolfville.