October in pink 2019


Also this year the Municipality of Tirano has adhered to "October in pink", a campaign promoted by the ATS of the Mountain dedicated to the prevention of breast cancer and the importance of an early diagnosis but also to prevention in general and to the spread of a style of healthy life.

A pink cloth will be displayed throughout the month at the town hall, and the statue in Piazza Cavour and the Castellaccio are already lit pink, welcoming the invitation of the ATS of the Mountain in collaboration with the Amazzoni association.

On 20 October the "Camminata in rosa", location Torri del Parco, organized by the Amazzoni association in collaboration with the Municipality and the ATS of the Mountain is scheduled to start at 14.30.

In the last session of the municipal council the mayor and all the councilors wore pink clothes or accessories to signify their adherence to this important prevention and awareness campaign.
Even the staff of the town hall for the whole month will characterize their clothing or their workstation with the color pink.