CHEONGSONG (COR): Exhibiting Cheongsong White Porcelain at the Budapest Spring Festival in Hungary

South Korean National Network

The Budapest Spring Festival held in Hungary, one of the popular festivals in Eastern Europe designates “Corean Day” officially for the first time this year to promote Corean culture and companies.

Cittaslow Cheongsong is scheduled to exhibit Cheongsong’s white porcelain at the special exhibition of the festival under the theme “Drinking Together.” Cheongsong will exhibit Cheongsong’ white porcelain along with traditional Corean liquor produced in Cheongsong, and this special exhibition hosted by the Corean Culture Center in Hungary will run at the cultural complex “Belna” from on Friday, 7 to Sunday, 9 of April for 3 days, and then in the Corean Culture Center from Monday, 10 to Friday, 21 of April for 12 days.

Cheongsong expects the exhibition to be a chance to introduce the collaboration of the elegance of Cheongsong’s white porcelain and its contemporary design, and to promote the culture of Cheongsong to over 300,000 audiences to the Budapest Spring Festival.