Slow Food in the Canteen


Convivium: Les Saveurs de Silly
Organization: Ecole de Hoves
10 December 2009, HOVES-SILLY, Belgium

Partage de culture alimentaire sur les fruits entre Hoves et Kinshasa. Echanges d'expériences sur base de dégustations, de recettes locales, de fiches produits et de reportages photos et vidéo.

In September 2009, Slow Food International launched ‘Slow Food in the Canteen, A European School Network’. The project currently involves schools in 12 European countries, with an aim of having a school in every European country by Spring 2010. 'Slow Food in the Canteen' is the big picture in relation to choosing quality food within a school - start with Taste Education, add a School Garden, involve parents, sprinkle in local producers, leave to settle for a couple of months, give a stir and make a more sustainable canteen which has a smaller impact on the environment and a greater impact on its community.

Coordinator: Storme Sabine
Location of Terra Madre Day event:
Ecole de Hoves
La Clergerie
Hainaut, Belgium