Week of sustainable mobility


In occasion of the European Week of Sustainable Mobility we are providing smart activities which focus on the argument of a “clean, shared and intelligent mobility”.

Pedibus (23-25 October): 
This project aims at reducing the morning traffic chaos in front of the two elementary schools. Parents who are busy are given the opportunity to bring their children to agreed points in the town, from where they will reach school on feet accompanied by volunteers.

Excursion of safe mobility for elementary schools (25 October):
During this excursion, children will learn how to safely walk, cycle or go by bus to school. This will promote the independence and responsiveness of the children as part of traffic participants.

Street closing in front of the elementary schools (26-27 October): 
The area is reached only by feet, by bicycle and by public transportation.

Green Mobility Day (28 October, from 9:00 to 12:30, Cesare Battisti Square):
The week closes with the Green Mobility Day. During this morning, every interested citizen has the possibility to test drive several e-bikes and electronic cars and to get more information about green mobility.