Winter Events 2018 | Cittaslow Poland

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XXIX Jaćwingowie Cross-Country Skiing Competition

Jaćwingowie Cross-Country Skiing Competition has been held since 1979 and is very popular among skiers and lovers of active relaxation. It is the oldest winter event in north-eastern Poland and one of the oldest mass cross-country skiing competitions. Picturesque trails are situated in Kumiecie forest and in Gołdap town.


Miejsce / Place: Gołdap

27–28 Stycznia / January 2018 lub / or 3–4 Lutego / February 2018 w zależności od warunków pogodowych / depending on the weather





Winter Plundering in Grunwald Field and Nidzica Castle

The name of the event refers to Teutonic plundering raids in Prussia and Lithuania. It is a knightly battle with swords, archery tournament, dance show with fire and competitions for the audience.


Miejsce / Place: Nidzica i Pola Grunwaldu / and Grunwald Field

3–4 Lutego / February 2018





VI Dadaj Winter  Swimmers’ Day Out

Winter swimming is becoming more and more popular. Winter swimmers emphasize the beneficial impact of winter swimming on your health and invite you to do some winter swimming in Lake Dadaj. Winter swimmers from friendly clubs participate in the meeting. The number attending winter swimmers has grown to 350. During the fun there are other attractions such as: a winter swimmers run, games, plays, shows and performances.


Miejsce / Place: Rukławki, plaża „Słoneczny Brzeg” / Rukławki, ‘Słoneczny Brzeg’ beach

18 Lutego / February 2018