Italian international ballon grand prix’ 2020


The event celebrates it’s 32nd. year anniversary with its 2020 edition and with this extended fifteen day period it will allow  teams and family to enjoy their time to the full in the area with breathtaking early morning flights every day with the rest of the day to enjoy everything Italy has to offer…Not only a wonderful holiday break for the whole team and family to remember but also a true international sporting event for the more “Competitive” of the teams who appreciate a relaxed competition. 

In the organisation’s constant endeavour to improve the event further and because of the truly beautiful flight area over our two neighbouring valleys of Sagrantino and Todi, it was decided and staged during the 2018 event with great success to operate two launch sites one in each of the two valleys. Both launch sites, Parco Acquarossa and Todi were used with success during the past for many years now, allowing teams the opportunity to choose on a daily basis from which base they would prefer to conduct their flight and subsequent refueling that morning.

Teams are always free to choose for how many days they wish to stay with us and how many flights they wish to conduct whether they be free flights or competitive, … and by all means teams are welcome to participate even for a less number of days should they prefer.

Event Format

  • Three permanent balloon bases will be used, one in the Sagrantino wine valley and two in the neighbouring Todi Valley.
  • SAGRANTINO VALLEY: Parco Acquarossa (Gualdo Cattaneo-PG).
  • TODI VALLEY: Ponte Naia (South side of the town), Pantalla (North side of the town).
  • Only one todi launch site will be used each morning dependant on wind direction allowing the flight to be conducted over the town.

More info: lnx.sagrantinocup.it