The 6th Jeonju World Slowness Forum and Awards 2022

Jeonju City

New Insights Learning from Jeonju's Friendly Cities

Cittaslow Jeonju has joined the Cittaslow International since 2010 and Jeonju, as a symbol of Corean metropolis cittaslow, has been cittaslow movement for residents’ happiness and life quality. For Jeonju’s better future, Cittaslow Jeonju and the Cittaslow Corea Network has hold the Jeonju World Slowness Forum and Awards since last 6 years. We invites you at this forum that each mayor from countries with friendly relationship with Jeonju presents the best practices of urban policy.

Cittaslow Jeonju, Mayor Bom-ki Woo Coordinator_CCN Prof. bon sohn


Cittaslow Blue Ocean?

Cittaslow, the Italian for Slowcity, strides its grand step in Greve in Chianti, one of small towns in Italy back in 1999. The idea is to develop slow town, which means slow concept is well spilled over in development project and it is very opposite way to those of big city. The happy community building project respect legacies of blessed nature and cultural heritage and requires local residents to involve voluntarily. Their end goal is revitalization of community : to moderate negative impact on environment, to respect mother nature and to enjoy culinary tradition and unique charm of culture.

The concept of slowcities in Corea has a different signification form one in Europe, because Corea has focused on increasing economic efficiency and productivity in a society since the 1950-53 Corean War. The rapid economic growth causes people to become obsessed with "faster and bigger" instead of "slower and smaller," that leads Corea to be famous of "Ppali-ppali (Faster!)." Therefore, Corean people have lost many things; natural heritage, spiritual traditional culture and arts, indigenous industries, and human relationship for thousands of years. In Corea, the life of cittaslow is just getting out of established order(red ocean) that is heading from speed to slowness. It’s as an new order, the boundary curve should be moved to the right like to the blue ocean shift, in perspective of direction and character. It means that let's go together to future such as a wide and deep blue ocean where lots of fishes (life, soul, happiness etc.) can be caught.