Hwapo Wetland Little Firefly Eco Fetival 2019

Gimhae (Bongha Village & Hwapocheon Wetland Eco Park)

Hwapo Wetland Eco Park

A fireflies, a little star of the wetlands lighting up the sky of Cittaslow

The city of Gimhae has held an eco-friendly festival to promote the excellence in eology of Hawpocheon (Hwapo Stream), one of representative wetlands in Gimhae. The festival features the experience of waking along the stream and watching fireflies that light up Hwapo Stream at night 

PROGRAMS: Painting wildflowers, making a firefly, a snail, a glow-in-the-dark planisphere, etc., making a lamp using the bottle cap, watching fireflies while walking along Hwapo Stream, etc.