Cittaslow Sunday Gerze


Event Title :  “Cittaslow Sunday Gerze”

Date : 16th September 2017 (Hiking) - 24th September 2017 (Main Festival)

Venue :  Gerze Festival Ground

Hours :  10:00 – 18:00

Main theme  :  Promotion of Cittaslow Phisolophy and Local Products

“Slow Life” Themed Photography Contest

This contest aims to provide an opportunity for photographers in Gerze to share their vision on Gerze through images. Using photos, photographers will show what Cittaslow means to them. Furthermore, beauties of Gerze will be highlighted. The deadline for sending the photos is September 1. Winners will be selected by an independent committee. Photos will be displayed on Festival Area and winners will receive their prizes with a ceremony to be held in Cittaslow Sunday.


Exhibition of Local Handicrafts (Production stages included)

Local handicrafts, especially handmade wooden toys and model ships, are probably one of the strongest sides of Cittaslow Gerze. Gerze even won Cittaslow International Best Project Prize 2017 with its “Gerze Opens Up To The World With Its Wooden Products” Project. In order to further promote them, a booth will be set up featuring local wooden handicrafts. However, not only the products but also the production stages will be displayed so that visitors and local people will get a chance to learn how to make a wooden handicraft. Handicrafts produced in Gerze are not limitied to handmade wooden toys and ships. Ceramics, felt and wood engraving workshops are the other handicrafts produced here. These handicrafts will also be exhibited within the scope of the festival. The main purpose is to promote these handicrafts and provide a side income for women who are producing them. 


Book Stand

Some local people and students living in our town made a huge success and published their own books. The aim of setting up a book stand within the scope of the festival is to encourage these people and students to promote their books and help them keep their passion. 


Hiking (September 16-17)

Gerze is full of natural beauties and places waiting to be explored. Within the frame of Cittaslow Sunday and in conjunction with GERDAK (Green Gerze Mountaineering, Nature and Youth Sports Club) a hiking trip will be held. 


Exhibition of Local Food Products 

The local foods of Gerze such as mantı, halva, nokul will be exhibitied and presented to the taste of visitors in order to promote slow food philosophy and popularise our local foods. 


Lecture on the environmental issues

Within the scope of the festival, experts (academicians, presidents of nature associations, decision makers) will give lecture in their fields. The topics are environmental protection, preservation of local culture, slow food philosophy and sustainable tourism. 


Painting wall for children

In order to foster the imagination of children living in our town, there will be a painting wall in the festival area. Children will be able to paint it anyway they like and they will be asked to tell what they understand from Cittaslow through paintings. 


Bicycle Tour

Gerze Municipality has been working on developing cycling infrastructure for a while. Making Gerze a bicycle-friendly town is one of the main targets of Cittaslow Gerze. Thus, in order to encourage local residents to use bicycle, a bicycle tour will be held under the leadership of our Mayor. 


Contact Person: Zeynep Dilem Altunel (Representative)