Cittaslow Summer 2020

Castelnovo ne’ Monti

slow culture - nature - beauty - community - products and producers - art - music

Following the provisions relating to the Covid-19 pandemic, this year the Cittaslow Festival for Biodiversity, which has always been staged in Felina village in late July, will not be held. But the municipal administration, in collaboration with the Slow Food community of the Reggio Apennines, the Tegge Park and the La Fenice cultural association, wanted to strongly propose four initiatives related to Cittaslow themes, which will always take place in Felina.

“For us, belonging to the Cittaslow network remains a very important tool - says Councilor Lucia Manfredi - because it particularly enhances the local agri-food sector, which remains fundamental for our socio-economic development: in fact, in recent years we have assisted a strong differentiation in crops and production, thanks also to many young people who have chosen to bet on this type of activity, bringing new skills and dynamism. There are farms in the Apennine territory that work on particular cereals, quality fruit and vegetables, honey and beekeeping products, on the breeding of valuable breeds, enriching a panorama that has in the supply chain for the production of the Mountain Parmigiano Reggiano cheese is the driving nucleus, where however these different proposals are of great importance. I thank the Councilor for Culture Emanuele Ferrari who helped build the proposal for these four events, which I believe are of great interest. In this way, although we could not propose the Cittaslow Festival this year, we wanted to maintain a path that has been going on for many years with important results, also having the good fortune to be able to count on a location such as the Tegge Park which is very well events of this type ".

it is scheduled for Sunday, July 12: "Who is the Slow Food community?" is the title of the day, which will see stories of products and producers, at the Tegge di Felina Park. From 14 to 19.30 it will be possible to access the display of products from the Slow Food Community of the Reggio Apennines, concluded with a "slow" aperitif in the garden. At 18 a meeting with testimonials and narrations.

The second appointment will be Sunday, July 26: "Living slowly to understand ourselves, others and the planet" is the title of the day at the Tegge Park, which will see again from 14 to 19.30 the display of Slow Food Community products with final aperitif, and at 6 pm a dialogue between Ella Ceppi, President of the Association "Living with slowness", and Bruno Contigiani, founder of the same Association. The Art of Living with Lentezza is a project born in 1999 between Pavia and Milan which in 2005 became an association. In India she works on school projects in the slums of Jaipur with street girls, in Pavia, Piacenza and Lodi in the District Houses with reading groups aloud and with the production of periodicals written by prisoners, in Italy and in many parts of the world continues to urge people to slow down, to understand where they are going, and where they want to go.

Sunday 9 August will be the turn of "Asèe (Enough): quite noisy readings", with the writer and artist of Ligonchio Silvano Scaruffi together with Luca "Baggia" Guerri: also in this case there will be the exhibition of Slow Food producers from Apennines and the evening aperitif, while the literary meeting will be at 18. Scaruffi “lives in Ligonchio and works as a guardian. He lives at the bottom of the town, at the Rocca, descending from the Bocco ramp towards Valla. It can also be reached from the other road that passes through the Bastion and ends in Korea. "

Last appointment Sunday, August 30: "Good to eat, good to die!", A musical reading with words and ramblings, with Pierluigi Tedeschi accompanied by music by Giulio Vetrone. Also in this case exhibition of products and producers from 14 to 19.30, and meeting at 18, with a final aperitif. Tedeschi will propose a reading on eating and drinking. "Eating too much or too little - explains the author - eating things other than normal (assuming that it is possible to establish what is really normal, as Marvin Harris wrote in" Good to Eat "), eating until he almost dies". Narrative, essay, poetic passages, lyrics from songs by Benni, Boccaccio, Calvino, De Andrè, Harris, Lenin, Rabelais, Rossi, Saint-Exupery, Vamba, Veronelli, Walcott will be proposed.