Gadgets available only for the cities in the Cittaslow network
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How to become


To achieve the status of “Slow City,” a city must agree to accept the guidelines of Slow Food and work to improve conviviality and conserve the local environment.

When a city becomes a Slow City, some of the Slow City objectives may already be a part of the heritage of the city. Other changes however can always be introduced and applied – often taking inspiration from the programs implemented in other cities.

Some programs already implemented in Slow Cities are recycling projects, Presidia, after-school programs, and information for tourists that helps them have a real “local’s” experience

How starting a new network

The practice for the adherence are expected by the regulation.

In particular it is necessary to control the adherence request, to pay a visit for pointing out and checking on the requirements to start proceedings
at the admittance.

First of all it is necessary that the cities pay 600.00 euros to the Cittaslow,They have to organize a meeting in the own town to reach at least 3 interested cities and finally they have to guarantee the welcome to the members of the group about the international project.

Moreover it is necessary:
- to individuate a person in charge of the development of the project who collaborates with the international working group for the certification;
- to provide for the "translation"of the town parameters, if needed.

So these Individuated cities will be considerated promoters and will be
admitted to the Cittaslow life,waiting for the beginning of the adherence practice.