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The Cowichan Valley has been named as a Top 20 Place to Visit in Canada by's travel experts.

Cowichan Bay (CND) - Cowichan one of Top 20 best in Canada
Meeting of regional offices in Brussels representing EGTC

Thursday 15 January 2015, 14:30-16:30. Committee of the Regions.

Waldkirch (D) - SLOW M Laufevent in Waldkirch am Sonntag 26

April 2015 - laufen | joggen | walken | wandern

Blanquefort (F) - La Commune conserve "ses quatre" fleurs

Decrocher un autre label, pour la defense de la biodiversitè

NCCN (COREA): A field trip to Aya and Ukiha in Japan for community movements

Some residents representative of Cittaslow member towns in Corea visited the town of Aya and the city of Ukiha in Japan during November 7~10, 2014

Goolwa (Australia) Smoke Off 2014 gives back to community

The Smoke Off was held on November 22, by the Cittaslow Goolwa Food and Wine Group, and sees teams fire-up the webber to smoke a ham, with the dishes judged.

Turkey - II Eko-gastronomi̇ kongresi̇

Gökçeada, 13-14 Nisan 2015

Valmondois (F) - I garden my village

News from the community garden

Berwick (UK) - Wins lottery funding award for World War One project

Award will allow town to plot impact of First World War on the Home Front and its soldiers abroad

Jeonju (COREA): ecoFOOD & cittaSLOW Forum 2014

Cittaslow Jeonju held "ecoFOOD & cittaSLOW Forum" in Korea Traditional Culture Center, Cittaslow Jeonju, Corea on October 23, 2014.

NCCN and Corean member towns praying for the repose of Liz Jones

Deep condolences to all community members of Aylsham for their loss

Australian Cittaslow community adds its tribute to Aylsham leading light Liz Jones

A shocked Aylsham is mourning the loss of Liz Jones, who had been at the forefront of community life for decades.

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