Gadgets available only for the cities in the Cittaslow network
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5.11.2015, 18-20 Uhr. Room FH 919, Technische Universität, Fraunhoferstr. 33-36, 10587 Berlin

Innovation TU Berlin: Cittaslow – an innovative network of small urban centres
New Network Cittaslow Spain

The General Assembly was held last October, and there are new members on the Directive.

Creon (F) - Saveurs d’ici et d’ailleurs

Créon vient de lancer son premier marché de producteurs locaux et italiens dans le cadre du réseau Cittaslow.

Jeonju Hanok Village (KO) - Attract Millions Of Tourists

Among the things that tourists in South Korea must do it to visit the nation's traditional folk villages made up of a cluster of hanok (tradition Korean houses), which gives it its popular coined name Hanok village.

Poland - Huge step in Cittaslow towns development

Revitalization Program for the Cittaslow Network.

New italian coordination led by Fausto Tinti

Cittaslow italian assembly - october, 5 

Cheongsong (Corea): Launching a campaign ‘Bedding for Better Sleep’ with Cittaslow Friend ‘evezary’

Cittaslow Cheongsong launches a campaign 'Bedding for Better Sleep' in cooperation of Cittaslow Friend 'evezary, one of leading bedding companies in Corea and the National Cittaslow Corea Network.

Cittaslow Sunday 2015

Cittaslow International organizes an international event to promote, across the world, "concepts" and "projects" which represent the reality and the idea of being Cittaslow. Cittaslow Int'l, establishes the world Cittaslow Day to spread the word about us.

Cittaslow sejltur på Svendborgsund (DK)

Cittaslow betyder det gode liv, derfor har vi arrangeret en tur med M/S Helge. Det giver Jer mulighed for at få en dejlig aften, hvor I kan opleve begrebet Cittaslow.

Pijao (Colombia) - What’s the hurry?

Pijao, a town in the south of the department of Quindío, Colombia, joined the Cittaslow movement in 2014 and became the only place in Latin America to be part of that network. Its inhabitants lead a life which is more organized, amicable and respectful, without hurry.

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