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Regional Policies for Sustainableand Competitive European TourismSustainable Management of Culture & Art Tourism -Florence, May 18-19, 2012 -Teatrino Lorenese - For tezza da Basso
In Midden-Delfland, 15 april 2011
Wednesday 10, February 2016 they will attend to a meeting at the Italian Institute of Culture in San Francisco with the Mayor of San Francisco, authorities, buyers, stakeholders.
Technical meeting on the theme of "Cittaslow Metropole"
Adopted by the Committee of Ministers on 22 January 2014at the 1189th meeting of the Ministers' Deputies
Cittaslow International invited to attend the meeting in Strasbourg on social cohesion and shared social responsibility.
Community meeting coming in marchsonoma biochar initiative (sbi)
At the last meeting in Eidskog (N), March 2-4, it was appointed the new Coordinator, Curt Sorensen, the Mayor of Svendborg, Denmark.
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