Cittaslow Sunday 2013 world events


Heritage Day 

Cittaslow Enns - Hours: 10:00 / 14:00

Main theme: Stones

The landmark of the city of Enns, the 60-meter-high City Tower, built as a watch and clock tower in the 16th century onwards is supposed to stand at the center of this year's Heritage Day. You can see the stone table in the tower room, the highest hotel rooms in the city - our Cittàslowpixelhotel - the old clock and much more. a view over the rooftops of the town up to the peaks of the Alps rewarded for the climb. Special tours for children aged 6 to 10 years



Balade Gourmande


Silly Food Valley

23 - 30 september 2013

Sabine Storme: 


Cowichan Bay
Cittaslow Cowichan Bay 'Potluck on the Pier' 

Cittaslow Cowichan Bay - 4:00 – 8:00 pm

Main Theme: Sharing locally grown food and community togetherness

Cittaslow Cowichan Bay invites the community to come together to celebrate International Cittaslow Day. We will celebrate by sharing a meal. Everyone who attends is asked to contribute by bringing a locally made dish to share. One long table will be set up down the pier of our world class Maritime Centre, a landmark in our community. Like all of our events, we strive for zero waste so people are asked to bring their own plates, cups and cutlery.


Yaxi Cittaslow–International Week of Good Living 

September 29th Walking Through the Cittaslow Yaxi
September 30th Movies Playing
October 1st Random Pictures of Cittaslow Yaxi
October 2nd Photographic Show
October 3rd Flying Kites

Cittaslow Yaxi - Hours:Through Cittaslow Yaxi, Random Pictures of Cittaslow Yaxi, Photographic Show and Flying Kites are hold during the daytime, while Playing Nostalgic Movies about Love is in the evening.

Main theme: Land Art Festival

Five activities will be organized during the week in Cittaslow Yaxi to promote the concept of cittaslow and enhance the social responsiblity in the community, namely Walking Through Cittaslow Yaxi, Playing Nostalgic Movies about Love, Random Pictures of Cittaslow Yaxi, Photographic Show and Flying Kites.

Walking Through the Cittaslow Yaxi
A western philosopher says that walking is happy because I can arrive anywhere I want to go by walking and it makes me obtain health at the same when I observe the world closely and appreciate the nature. The activity of Walking Through the Cittaslow Yaxi is organized on that day to commemorate the World Walking Day and Cittaslow Sunday 2013 which falls on September 29th and advocate healthy, low-carbon and environmental friendly life style. The line starts from the entrance of Ecological Road to Dashan Village with a length of 7km. Walking on the Ecological Road, people can smell the fragrance of flowers, hear birds singing, see pastoral scenery so as to enjoy the healthy life brought by slow life, slow leisure and slow sports.

Movies Playing in open-air theatre
Love is the eternal proposition of life! If the society is full of love, life will become better! Parents' love is selfless and doesn't expect anything for return. Lovers' love is boundlessly romantic. For revolutionaries, they hold that "bearing life, precious, and love is worth even more". Love is the spiritual treasure that we are always pursuing for, and the classical love stories provide us with enlightenment which will be widely spread for ever. Our obscure memories of youth will be jogged by movies. Every evening, one nostalgic movie about love will be played in Dashan Village so that citizens can show respect to the classic movies and find out what moved them before.

Random Pictures of Cittaslow Yaxi
Currently, micro blog is the most popular social networking platform with high attention and numerous pageviews, so it is good to take use of such platform to promote and spread the culture and concept cittaslow. In order to make more tourists participate in promoting and sharing the beautiful scenery and anecdotes about Cittaslow Yaxi during Land Art Festival, we specially hold Random Pictures of Cittaslow Yaxi. It refers that every blogger can tweet the pictures and words of beautiful scenery, anecdotes and activities in Cittaslow Yaxi, and they will have the chance to win the prize. Your ideas and beauty will be spread around the world together with Cittaslow Yaxi.

Photographic Show
Appreciate the beauty of China in the picturesque scenery of Cittaslow Yaxi. We hold Gaochun Photography Competition Award-wining Works Exhibition in Cittaslow so as to make tourists fully appreciate the beautiful environment, see the new features of the city, understand the time-honored history and culture, the unique folk customs and rich culture.

Flying Kites
Fly the ideal, feel the romance, fly the youth, fly the kite. Flying kites is an activity with great popularity in China, and every spring and autumn people go out to fly kites with their families and friends. During Land Art Festival, we organize teenagers from Gaochun County to fly kites in Cittaslow Yaxi. Their happiness and good ideals will fly with the kites in the blue sky and white clouds. Let the dream fly and add color to the Land Art Festival.

http://www.chinacittaslow.com/ - email: chinacittaslow@163.com


Cittaslow Damyang
Thanksgiving Day Festival

Cittaslow Damyang – Date: 11:00 / 21:00, September 14
Main theme: Corean Thanksgiving Day

Seasonal customs – making songpyeon (half-moon-shaped rice cake), shooting a bamboo arrow, etc.

Traditional plays – playing yut (Corean stick game), jegichagi (Corean shuttlecock game), etc.

A small concert held in the Snail Market


Cittaslow Hadong
A Happy Slow Life

Cittaslow Hadong – Dates: September 14 / 15
Main theme: Experience of relaxation, happiness, and a slow life

Walking along the Tojigil trail

Treasure hunt for a lucky bag

A special market of slow food, traditional Corean food, and craftworks

Exhibiting messages of hope and wishes of visitors


Cittaslow Yesan
Yesan Old Story telling Festival

Cittaslow Yesan – Dates: September 26-29
Main theme: A secret story about Imjon Castle

A story about gukak (Corean classical music) with a master

Making a wish and setting a small boat

Riding a pony along the Brothers trail

A memorial ceremony of soldiers who died in a war in Imjon Castle


Cittaslow Yeongwol
Yeongwol Kimsatgat Grape Festival

Cittaslow Yeongwol – Date: September 14

Treading grapes, wishing for a good harvest

Exhibition, free sampling and sale of grapes

Experience of making wine of sampling of wine

Tea ceremony, body painting, balloon crafts, etc.


Cittaslow Sangju
Hamchang Silk Festival

Cittaslow Sangju – Dates: September 27 / 30
Main theme: Snail and silkworm racing

A panoramic experience of a process from mulberry leaves and silkworms to silk

An exhibition of silk products / taking a picture in a silk Hanbok (traditional Corean clothes)

Making pottery and natural cosmetics

Free sampling local slow foods like Bibimbap (rice with mulberry leaves) and traditional beverage

Enjoying a silk fashion show, a traditional Corean wedding, a puppet show, outdoor theatricals, etc.

Connected with 'Silkworms and Butterflies Festival 2013' by the Gyeongsangbukdo government



The good life i Svendborg

Cittaslow Svendborg City - Hours: 10:00 / 14:00

Main theme: The good life

In Svendborg, we have the following activities at the Cittaslowday:

Restaurant for Children in Maritime Centre - 'food' for children and simple souls

Catwalk and music in Møllergade - relaxation at Harders.

Body and movement in Borgerforeningen – if your body is well, you are well

Life in Skattergade - a old street with several activities. 


Mikkelinmarkkinat-autum market

Cittaslow Kristinestad - Hours: 08:00 / 18:00
Main theme: harvest time

At the autum we enjoy all what our good soil provides us with-and as an old merchant city we arrange a traditional marketdays where we can _buy all vegetables and fruits that are linked to autum, and of course tihis is also an excellent place to meet old friends and connect with new ones.


Vélo et Nature

Cittaslow Créon - Hours: 10 h / 18h
Main theme: Vélo et nature

Présentation et utilisation de différents types d'engins à deux roues (tandem, vélo à trois roues, vélo step, trottinette...) Mise à disposition gratuite de bicyclettes pour se rendre à la Maison du Patrimoine du Créonnais afin de découvrir au cours d'une balade pédestre dont le thème est : "Connaître les espèces invasives animales ou végétales. Quelles espèces menacent réellement notre environnement?"

Mairie : www.mairie-creon.fr
Tel : 05 57 34 54 54

Saint Antonin Noble Val
Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val revives its past with plum of Saint Antonin

Date: 6 october 2013 (this date has been choosen because it's dangerous to plant a tree in September, before the autumn. The plantation is replaced by a grafting demonstration and a presentation of the project during the event Jardin Noble Val.

Cittaslow Saint Antonin Noble Val, place du Pradel Saint-Antonin-Noble Val - Hours: 11:30
Main theme: Local products

A fruit (plum of Saint-Antonin) and a tree (plum-tree) endangered benefit from planting program : as september is too early for plantation, we prefer to explain our conservatory orchard and sensibilization about this fruit... Towards inhabitants, towards restaurant chefs. Plantation is planned for november. First fruit picking near 2016 ! We are slow !


Pique-nique de la saint-michel

Cittaslow Segonzac, Parcours de Santé - Hours: 12.00

Plantation d'un arbre à l'occasion d'un Pique-Nique aux Jardin

e-mail : mairie.segonzac@wanadoo.fr
web site : www.segonzac.fr


Bad Schussenried 
Oberschwäbisches Landleben anno dazumal 

Oberschwäbischsches Museumsdorf Kürnbach bei Bad Schussenried - Hours: geöffnet von 10.00 – 18.00 Uhr
Main theme: kostenlose Führung um 15.00 Uhr mit dem Thema "Landleben anno dazumal" 

Auf unterhaltsame und informative Weise wird den Besucherinnen und Besuchern das "Oberschwäbische Landleben anno dazumal" näher gebracht. Wie sah der Dorfalltag vor rund 100 Jahren aus? Wer lebte auf dem Land? Welchen Arbeiten gingen die Menschen nach? Was für Abwechslungen boten sich zum arbeitsreichen Landleben? Treffpunkt für die Führung ist am Eingangsgebäude. Die Führung ist kostenlos.
Frisch Gebackenes gibt es an diesem Tag beim Museumsbäcker im historischen Backhaus und für den größeren Hunger bereitet Friedhelm Brand etwas Gutes in der Kürnbacher Vesperstube. 

Oberschwäbisches Museumsdorf Kürnbach
Griesweg 30
88427 Bad Schussenried-Kürnbach
Tel.: +49 7583 942050
Fax: +49 7583 9420516
E-Mail: museumsdorf@biberach.de
Web: www.museumsdorf-kuernbach.de 

Cittaslow Sunday

Cittaslow Bischofsheim - Hours: 11:00 / 17:00
Main theme: apreciation of foods, sustainability

Exibition and activities concerning the apreciation of food. Presentation and taste of potato meals, presentation of floristic decoration. Serving of special meals. 



2nd Flavours of Hódmezővásárhely Festival 

Cittaslow Hódmezővásárhely - Skanzen of Hódmezővásárhely (Árpád Street) - Hours: 10:00 / 13:00
Main theme: Tasting of typical local flavors prepared by local people. (Cooking Competition)

An amateur competition will be held to find the best local flavors. A friendly sunday is going to be shared between friends and with our family. A day with folk art, gastronomy, food and wine tasting. Furthermore there will be a fair connected to the tradition of Saint Michael day.



Amazing Discovery of Autum´s Slowfood tasting

Cittaslow Djúpavogshreppur - Hours: 13:00 / 17:00
Main theme: Autum´s Slowfood tasting in Djupavogshreppur 

In collaboration with local associations we invite you to enjoy traditional Icelandic food all day long. Speciality of Slátur which is the collective name for blood and liver sausage embellished with local products of collected harvest Berjamó: Icelandic blueberries and crowberries, collected and prepared by local people of Djúpavogshreppur.
A friendly day to be shared between the members and guests in the little comunity. 

Upplýsingamiðstöð Djúpavogs/ Information Centre
Bakki 3
765 Djupivogur
tel. +354 4788204
email: ugnius@djupivogur.is


Festa del Miele

Cittaslow Acqualagna Piazza Mattei - Hours 10:00
Main theme: Mercatino di produttori del miele e prodotti enogastronomici

Acqualagna cittadina di 4.000 abitanti situata nei pressi della magnifica Gola del Furlo, è caratterizzata da una tradizione plurisecolare di ricerca, produzione e commercializzazione del tartufo. La riserva del Furlo, con i suoi 3.600 ettari di boschi, pascoli e cime incontaminate, è la terza area protetta della Provincia di Pesaro-Urbino. Considerata da tutti un autentico paradiso, è attraversata dal fiume Candigliano, che si insinua tra le imponenti pareti rocciose della Gola, dove la suggestione del paesaggio si unisce a una prodigiosa ricchezza naturalistica che vanta esemplari di flora e fauna davvero singolari.
Oltre al tartufo Acqualagna è ricca di altri prodotti gastronomici fra cui miele. La manifestazione organizzata dall'Ass. A Me MI...le con il patrocinio del Comune di Acqualagna, oltre al mercatino di produttori del miele e prodotti gastronomici prevede dimostrazioni degli apicoltori sulla produzione del miele, giochi per bambini, intrattenimenti.


Castelnovo ne' Monti
542° Fiera di San Michele
Il Parco e l'Appennino nella rete Unesco
proposta di Candidatura al Programma MAB (Man and Biosphere) dell' UNESCO

Cittaslow Castelnovo ne' Monti, Piazza Gramsci, Pala Lupo - Hours:10.30

Main theme: paesaggio e tutela ambientale
Scopo delle aree MAB è promuovere e dimostrare una relazione equilibrata fra la comunità umana e gli ecosistemi, creare siti privilegiati per la ricerca, la formazione e l'educazione ambientale, oltre che poli di sperimentazione di politiche mirate di sviluppo e pianificazione territoriale. Ne parleremo nel corso dell'iniziativa alla presenza di cittadini ed amministratori.

Promozione del Territorio
e-mail: m.malvolti@comune.castelnovo-nemonti.re.it

Raduno Caperisti

Cittaslow Cisternino

Il aduno prevede la partecipazione di camperisti provenienti dall'italia che avranno modo di visitare cisternino degustando le prelibatezze culinarie.

tel. 0804445238

Città Sant'Angelo

Mercato km 0

Cittaslow Città Sant'Angelo - Chiostro Comunale - Hours 09:00 / 13:00

Main theme: Consumare cibo locale = scelta consapevole e virtuosa
Evento organizzato in collaborazione con la Coldiretti e le scuole di Città Sant'Angelo con l'intento di valorizzare il territorio, le tradizioni e i prodotti locali, il nostro paesaggio sospeso tra mare e monti, la mobilità sostenibile .....puntando sulle future generazioni e dando lustro a coloro che combattono ogni giorno una battaglia per difendere "le cose" in cui credono e cercano, con impegno, di farle apprezzare e riscoprire anche agli altri. 



CIttaslow Sunday 

Cittaslow Grumes - Valle di Cembra – Trentino
Orario: 10.00 – 12.30 / 15.00 – 18.30  

Piccola fiera in piazza di prodotti e produzioni locali

La giornata delle Fontanelle – Associazioni e cittadini coinvolti in operazioni di pulizie straordinarie e manutenzioni al centro servizi sociali "Le Fontanelle" sede della vita sociale e culturale del paese con pranzo comunitario in piazza.

Concorso di scultura in legno sul simbolo di Cittaslow.

Musical originale autoprodotto : "I maestri pistori di Grumesberg" -

Tel. 0461.688003
www.sviluppogrumes.it - info@sviluppogrumes.it 

Corte dei Circensi in festa 

Cittaslow Morimondo, corte dei cistercensi - Orario 11.30 / 17.30

Festa di inaugurazione della nuova pavimentazione di corte dei cistercensi di morimondo e conclusione lavori restauro cenobio

Ore 11.30 concerto allievi scuola "carducci correnti" di abbiategrasso, diretti da michele fagnani ; segue aperitivo di inaugurazione della piazza; ore 16.30 concerto del corpo bandistico di rosate con brani dedicati al bicentenario della nascita di giuseppe verdi – direttore gianluigi midali

Rejna Giorgio, ufficiotributi@comune.morimondo.mi.it 

"Condire la cultura" 

Cittaslow Novellara, Rocca dei Gonzaga
Orario: 10.00 – 12.30 / 15.00 – 18.30 

Main theme: Storia, arte, cultura enogastronomica

Il 29 settembre è una delle date delle giornate europee del patrimonio. In tale occasione, e in concomitanza con Cittaslow Sunday, verranno organizzate nella Rocca di Novellara visite guidate gratuite al Museo Gonzaga e all'acetaia comunale. Assaggi di aceto balsamico per tutti.
L'iniziativa è organizzata dal Comune in collaborazione con i volontari dell'acetaia comunale

Elena Ghidini – e.ghidini@comune.novellara.re.it 


The local section of a national parental association, A.GE together with the municipality of Orvieto is organizing a small exhibit with pictures and thoughts from the 1th official youth exchange event between two cittaslow: Orvieto Italy - Levanger Norway 2012 - 2013 sponsored by Eu's Youth in Action program. The exhibit will take place at Palazzo del Sette, corso cavour, 1th floor in the hall named Sala del Governatore. The opening hours are 15.30 - 19.30. At 18.00 there will be a formal salute with city council officials, the director of cittaslow and A.GE representatives. Participants from the exchange will be present throughout the exhibit to talk about their experience.

cellphone 00393807093123

Cose di Altre Case - Mercatino delle pulci e del riuso

Cittaslow Scandiano Parco della Resistenza
Main theme: Mercatino dell'usato

Mercato delle pulci che nasce dall'idea di dedicare un tempo personale a ripensare e rivedere le cose del quotidiano, dimenticate o che hanno assunto scarso valore, oggetti inutili per chi li possiede, ma pronti ad acquistare nuova vita e valore in casa d'altri. Abbigliamento, accessori moda, dischi, giocattoli, figurine. Iscrizioni entro 14/9

Tel. 0522/764273


Inaugurazione Parco

Cittaslow Zibello - Pieveottoville loc. Galline
Main Thema: riqualificazione di area ex discarica dismessa, esempio di rinaturalizzazione e nuova possibilita’ di fruizione di area 

Inaugurazione ufficiale parco, intervento della provincia quale ente finanziatore (presidente/assessore delegato), del resp.le del circolo di legambiente che ha coordinato e seguito l'intervento, intervento sindaco zibello/assessore delegato. successivo buffet offerto da sponsor. osservazione astronomica con telescopio 



Cittaslow promotion market

Cittaslow Heerde, Centre of Heerde - Hours: 13.30 / 17.00
Main theme: Promotion of Cittaslow

In order to promote Cittaslow amongst the citizens of Heerde, the business association of Heerde and the municipality organize a promotion market. There is a Cittaslow-stand and stands of entrepreneurs, organisations and foundations in which they can present themselves. Moreover the central square of Heerde is turned into a terrace where you can enjoy music of the band Backsound, while drinking or eating something.
Catering entrepreneurs will offer special 'Cittaslow-menus'.


Midden Delfland
Musical ­­­­­­­­­­­­­Gedoe aan de Gaag / Musical Hassle at De Gaag 

Cittaslow Midden Delfland - Hours three performances: 15.30h, 19.30h and 21.30h

Prompted by the formation of the future metropolis Rotterdam-The Hague, Schipluiden can serve as a future recreation park and green lung between the advancing cities. For this idea, the citizens of Schipluiden are asked for ideas about the details of this future recreation park.

Out of all the ideas of all citizens of Schipluiden submitted a committee has selected four ideas. These nominations are presented to all residents of Schipluiden and citizens will take the final decision on how Schipluiden as 'Central Park' will be established.

In the musical 'Hassle at De Gaag' humor will prevail. Unique to this project is that both the text, songs and music are written itself. There is also thought to have special roles for the little people of Schipluiden, children are also participating in this musical.



Polish National Cittaslow Network
The cities of Polish National Cittaslow Network also participate in this event. We will inform you about the programme of planned activites .
In the frames of Cittaslow Sunday this year we organize the exhibition 'Cittaslow on a poster'. This is an exhibition of students from the Institute of Artistic Education, Maria Grzegorzewska Academy of Special Education, performed under the guidance of Prof. Bruno Koper. The project is actively supported by the Prof. Krzysztof Skalski
from the Institute of Public Affairs at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków, member of the Cittaslow International Scientific Committee on behalf of the Polish Cittaslow National Cittaslow Network. After the opening at the Gallery Marszałkowska, the exhibition will be displayed in sequence in the towns of Polish National Cittaslow Network, until the next Cittaslow Sunday and at next year's Cittaslow Festival.
BARCZEWO (candidate city)
Barczewo - civic rights has since 1364. It is the first town
on the route from Olsztyn to the Great Masurian Lakes. Because of several bridges and overpasses called 'little Venice of the North' or Warman Venice. In recent years, with great success its Old Town has been revitalized. Renovation has been recognized with a nationwide award. The eastern part of the old town with the support of EU funds took on a new light. There, you will find the only one in the region so-called 'archaeological cartridge' - uncovered during excavations, fragments of the old city walls, which were glazed and illuminated. Soon the neo-gothic town hall and the tower are going to be renovated with a viewing area. In the former evangelical church is going to be created the International Cultural Centre. We await also the renovation of the museum of Feliks Nowowiejski, the most famous inhabitant of the city on the river Pisa. This eminent Polish composer was born in 1877 and is the author of, among others 'Legends of the Baltic', 'Warmian Anthem' and 'Rota', the song is recognized as the second Polish national anthem. In Barczewo one can see the remains of the castle from 1364 and city walls, the church of the Franciscans of the fourteenth century with symbolic tombstones of the Batory family, Saint Anna church
of the fourteenth century, where every year since 2002, are hold annual concerts of the International Choir Music Festival named after Feliks Nowowiejski, a synagogue from the nineteenth century, hosting an art gallery nowadays, former evangelical church from the early nineteenth century, an abandoned brewery building from the early twentieth century and the town hall of the nineteenth century.