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The Municipality of Vizela has an area of 24 square meters and 24,676 inhabitants (2011 provisional census). It is composed of seven parishes (St. John, St. Michael St.ª Eulalia, St.º Adrião, Infias, Tagilde and S. Paio), whose headquarters is the city of Vizela.

All the companies are essentially linked to the textile industry, clothing and footwear, whose production is directed almost exclusively to the foreign market. 

With regard to tourism, the existing resources are numerous, either cultural or natural. Vizela is closely associated with the practice of hydrotherapy, a legacy left by the Roman people. The current thermal SPA was built in 1870, taking advantage of the therapeutic quality of the water, suitable for respiratory diseases, skin diseases and rheumatism. 

In addition to the SPA, Vizela offers numerous attractions, from natural landscapes, such as the Sanctuary of S. Bento das Pêras, through the historic built heritage, such as the Roman Bridge.

Cittaslow Representative:
Abel Cardoso -
Dinis Manuel da Silva Costa - Mayor of Vizela -